Grade Teacher Talks: New Faces • webinar by Grade University

Grade Teacher Talks: New Faces

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New to TEFL/TESOL, Experienced

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Adults, Teenagers, Young learners

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This is a one-day event featuring 4 exciting sessions that will provide you with practical insights, actionable techniques, and valuable resources that you can apply directly in your own classroom. 

Session 1. Mastering Clear and Effective Teacher Instructions 

Explore common issues with instructions and discover strategies and techniques to ensure your students understand and follow instructions correctly. Get valuable insights that will help you create engaging and successful lessons. 

Session 2. Troubleshooting for Speaking Lessons 

Discover the secrets to successful speaking lessons in this engaging session. Understand the true nature of speaking as a skill and learn how to differentiate between practicing through speaking and practicing for speaking. Explore practical tips to enhance your students' speaking abilities and make your speaking lessons more effective and enjoyable. 

Session 3. Assessing FCE Writing Tasks 

Gain valuable tools and insights to assess FCE writing tasks accurately. Explore the assessment criteria and learn how to provide meaningful feedback to your students. Dive into the mysteries of evaluating coherence, cohesion, vocabulary, grammar, and task achievement, and help your students excel in their FCE writing attempts. 

Session 4. Facilitating Listening Tasks 

Enhance your students' auditory experience and discover new ways to engage them in listening tasks. Understand the challenges students face when listening and explore a variety of pre/while-listening activities. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different tasks and discover useful tools to make listening exercises more exciting and effective.


  • Teaching YL
  • Teaching teens
  • Teaching adults
  • Approaches to teaching
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Teaching listening
  • Teaching writing
  • Teaching for exams
  • Online teaching
  • Professional development


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Valeriia Sydorenko


CELTA certified teacher of General English

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Iryna Chernivchan


TKT, TESOL/TEFL, and CELTA certified teacher of English

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Nataliia Shcherbakova


CELTA and CELT-S certified teacher of General & Business English

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Ruslana Kostiuk


CELTA certified teacher of General English

Who is this Video for?

  • teachers who work with YL
  • teachers who prepare students for international language exams
  • teachers who work with teens and adults

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