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Partner up with Grade University!

Grade University is committed to providing high-quality professional training and to the growth of every teacher.

We offer professional development wherever and whenever it is most convenient for teachers.

As an official partner of Grade University, you gain access to a comprehensive range of benefits and advantages designed to support your institution's growth and success.

Partner up with Grade University

Why partner with Grade University?

  • Certification

    Offer your teachers the opportunity to earn Certificates from Grade University, enhancing their professional profiles and recognizing their commitment to excellence in education

  • Expertise

    Learn from our team of Cambridge English Authorised Platinum Centre experts

  • Ongoing support and resources

    Access a wealth of resources to support your teachers beyond the training programs to ensure continuous growth and development for your staff

  • Networking and collaboration

    Inspire your staff to upskill and exchange experience with a vibrant community of educators from over 72 countries

  • Discounts

    Attend our conferences, workshops, and events, and take Grade University courses at special prices

  • Flexibility and convenience

    Enjoy training programs delivered through the innovative online platform. Allow your teachers to engage in CPD at their own pace and convenience

  • Customised solutions

    Tailor our products to the specific needs and goals of your institution

Who can become our partner?

Together, we can create impactful educational experiences and contribute to the growth and success of learners worldwide.

Discover the benefits of partnership with us and become part of a dynamic community dedicated to shaping the future of education.

  • Teacher training centres

  • General education schools

  • Language schools

  • Colleges and universities

  • Teaching communities

  • Educational and professional organisations

Partnership programme "Grade University for Schools"

This Partnership Programme is an exceptional opportunity for any educational institution to enhance the skills and expertise of their teaching staff while reaping the numerous rewards of collaboration.

Integrate our TEFL courses into your existing teacher training programme

Our team provides guidance and support to ensure a smooth implementation, helping you leverage our courses effectively.

Establish international standards in English language teaching

By partnering with Grade University, you receive confirmation of your institution's commitment to delivering English language teaching of the highest standards.

Gain the prestigious status of being an official Grade University Partner

This recognition highlights your institution's commitment to excellence in education and showcases your dedication to providing high-quality teacher training.

Participation levels

Participation in the partnership programme is free of charge and does not involve any fees. Each level is achieved by completing a certain number of courses on the Grade University platform per calendar year.

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10–24 courses per year


  • Grade University Partner badge (digital)
  • Grade University Partner Silver Certificate
  • 15% discount for Grade University Courses
  • 10% discount for Grade University Teaching Credentials


25–49 courses per year

Basic benefits plus:

  • Grade University Partner Golden Certificate
  • 10% discount for all Grade Teacher Training workshops
  • Early bird discount for the annual Grade conference for teachers of the partner school


50+ courses per year

Basic and Advanced benefits plus:

  • Grade University Partner Platinum Certificate
  • Facade sign of the Grade University Partner
  • 1 free methodological webinar per year for teachers of the partner institution
  • 1 live stream per year on Grade University's Facebook/Instagram pages with the partner's manager/teacher

Features for any level

Informational support

  • Your logo on our website, showcasing your partnership with Grade University and increasing your institution's visibility among our audience

  • News about the partnership on the website and its distribution on the Grade Education Center Facebook page

  • A post with news about the partnership on the Grade Teacher Training Facebook page

  • Instagram Stories with news about the partnership on the Grade Teacher page

Partner's Welcome Pack

  • Teaching Framework brochure
  • A sticker pack
  • A branded bag
  • Markers
  • A pen and a pencil
  • Branded post-it notes


A one-hour methodological consultation on integrating courses into your teachers' professional development

Cool branded pins depending on the number of courses purchased (1 course = 1 pin)

Let’s become partners!

Feel free to reach out to us by sending an email with the subject line 'To become a Grade University partner' to

We would be delighted to provide you with additional information, or you can also get in touch with our manager directly between 10:00 and 18:00 (UTC+2).

Yulia Chorna

Partnership Manager

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