Innovative VR tools for language learners

VR tools for language learners

VR tools for language learners


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Have you ever wondered how virtual reality tools can change your English lessons? Modern VR technologies open up new possibilities for dynamic and exciting education, enhancing the effectiveness and allure of language acquisition. Let's take a look at some useful VR tools that can be integrated into English lessons, and how and when they are best used.

Mondly VR

Mondly VR is a cutting-edge tool that transforms the process of learning into an exciting journey! In the platform you interact with virtual characters in real-life dialogues and scenarios. 

Visiting a cafe, being at the airport, working in an office — all these situations will assist you to imagine yourself in the real world.

For example, you can go on virtual tours of English-speaking cities, communicate with foreigners, learn about the culture, history, and interesting places of the country.

Mondly VR is available for $14.99, offering users access to an engaging virtual reality world for language learning.

When to use Mondly VR?

  • It is best for middle and high school students and adults;
  • The VR tool integrates into the main part of the lesson, where students can utilize new vocabulary and practice grammar in real situations, reinforcing their learning effectively. 

The main focus:

Mondly VR is particularly effective for lessons aimed at improving pronunciation, acquiring new words and phrases in context, listening comprehension, and building dialogues.

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Get ready for public speaking in virtual reality! Imagine standing in front of a large audience, ready to deliver your speech without the usual anxiety and stress. 

This tool takes you into a variety of public speaking situations where you can practice with a virtual audience, gaining confidence and professionalism on stage.

The tool offers different environments such as conference rooms, classrooms, and even TED stages.

Virtual Speech offers a monthly plan for $45 and an annual plan for $399 per year, with an additional 3 months of free usage as a bonus.

  • This tool is ideal for adults taking business English classes;
  • It is possible to integrate it into lessons devoted to public speaking, conferences and interviews.  

The main focus:

VirtualSpeech specializes in classes directed at developing public speaking skills. It assists in improving pronunciation, non-verbal communication and speech for business negotiations. If you don't want to be nervous in front of an audience and feel more confident, this is for you!

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Immerse Me

Immerse Me is a powerful platform that offers a variety of scenarios in different countries around the world, enabling users to experience local customs and dialects. 

For instance, you can practice the language by booking a room in a Japanese hotel or interacting with locals at a Spanish market.

Immerse Me adapts to each user's knowledge level and provides a personalized experience.

Immerse Me provides a variety of subscription plans to suit your language learning needs. 

The available plans are:

  • 3 months for $120
  • 6 months for approximately $180
  • 12 months for $305

Choose the plan that best fits your goals and immerse yourself in a comprehensive language learning experience.

Who can use Immerse Me and when?

  • This tool is best used with learners of all ages aiming to enhance their language proficiency for travel, work or personal development.
  • We can use the resource in the main part of the lesson, where students utilize new vocabulary in realistic scenarios. Alternatively, it can be used at the end of the lesson to consolidate the material and assess learners’ comprehension of specific topics.

The main focus:

Get ready to boost your speaking abilities in real-life situations! With Immerse Me, you can practice scenarios like ordering delicious food, booking cozy hotels, or navigating lively markets. It's hands-on learning that's both fun and effective!

Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions is a unique platform that allows students and teachers to take virtual trips around the world. 

Google Expeditions offers over 900 different expeditions that cover historical sites, cultural attractions, and more. 

Google Expeditions is a free app available for download on Android and iOS devices. However, to fully utilize the virtual reality features, you'll need VR headsets. Basic VR headsets can cost around $15, while more advanced models can range up to several hundred dollars. 

Who may use Google Expeditions and when?

  • This tool is beneficial for individuals with foundational English skills and the capacity to comprehend English instructions. 
  • Incorporate the tool in sessions covering new topics to enhance engagement and simplify comprehension for learners. Plus, it serves as a fantastic method to involve students in extracurricular activities, encouraging them to learn English outside of regular classes. Give it a try and see how exciting learning can be!

Main focus:

Google Expeditions helps learners broaden their understanding of the world through virtual trips and promotes proficiency in English authentic contexts. Educators can use audio commentary and explanations during expeditions to foster listening skills development. This resource is beneficial for learners who require additional practice in listening comprehension.


VRChat is your gateway to connecting with individuals worldwide without leaving your home!

Imagine yourself interacting with users from diverse countries, improving your English proficiency in real conversations. 

You can create your own unique avatar and virtual world, or choose from a huge selection of existing ones.

VRChat is free to download and use on both PC and VR devices. 

Who can use VRChat and when?

  • This tool is ideal for people of all ages, starting from undergraduates. 
  • Use VRChat to explore new topics and make the material more captivating and accessible.

The main focus:

VRChat stimulates the active use of English in real conversations. Engaging with users from diverse parts of the world enables exploration of various cultural features, dialects, and traditions, making learning more multifaceted and interesting.

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The impact of VR on contemporary learning environments

Having explored the integration of modern VR tools into education, let's delve into the impact of VR on contemporary learning environments.VR is profoundly altering the approach to education, opening up new horizons for dynamic learning. 

Here are a few key aspects of its impact:

1. Immersion and focus

VR crafts an engaging environment that enables students to fully concentrate on their studies. By reducing external distractions, virtual worlds encourage deeper focus and enhance the overall learning journey.

2. Active engagement

Rather than being passive recipients of information, VR empowers students to actively engage with the content. This involves solving problems, conducting virtual experiments, or participating in simulations. Such active engagement stimulates cognitive processes and fosters a more profound comprehension of the subject matter.

3. Cultivation of critical thinking

Virtual simulations and scenarios frequently challenge students with tasks demanding analysis, evaluation, and decision-making. This fosters the development of critical thinking abilities, guiding them to assess situations from diverse perspectives and discover optimal solutions.

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4. Memory

VR technologies enhance information retention through a multisensory approach. Students can observe, listen to, and interact with virtual objects, thereby enhancing the memorability of learning materials.

5. Enhancing motivation for learning

Engaging and dynamic virtual environments substantially boost student motivation. This makes learning more captivating and appealing, thereby inspiring students to engage more actively.

6. Social skills advancement

VR enables students to team up and communicate with peers worldwide in virtual settings. This fosters their social skills, enhances teamwork abilities, and promotes cultural understanding.

Summing up our journey through varied virtual reality language learning tools, it's important to note: these innovations are reshaping our approach to language acquisition. Each tool offers a unique experience, rendering language learning engaging and efficient.

The influence of virtual reality on students' minds is nothing short of transformative! It doesn't just boost learning outcomes; it ignites critical thinking and sparks creativity. By plunging students into captivating worlds, VR is reshaping education into an exciting journey where every lesson is an adventure waiting to be explored!

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