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How to Teach IELTS Essays

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About the course

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Adults, Teenagers

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Required time

13 hours

This course will help you learn or refresh important aspects of IELTS essay writing. You will get equipped with techniques and strategies that will make preparation for IELTS smooth and effective both for you and your students. 

In this course, we will be looking at:

  • important requirements for writing IELTS essays;
  • types of IELTS essays & how to organize ideas clearly and logically;
  • assessment criteria examiners use to assess essays;
  • the system of teaching IELTS essay writing, including effective tasks and activities for developing essay writing skills;
  • time management and typical problems & solutions with essay writing.

This is a practical course that will help you turn this knowledge into practical ideas for your lessons. 

Course Program (in Ukrainian)

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  • Exams
  • Exam Preparation
  • Writing

Course authors and tutors

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Andrii Pigariev

Course Author, Course Tutor

DOS, CELTA, CELT-P/S Course trainer, International speaking examiner, Conference speaker

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Anfisa Kramarenko

Course Editor

CELTA certified teacher of General English, Business English, Exam Preparation, International speaking examiner

What's in the course?

Variety of inputs
Interesting texts, video lectures and tutorials,  audio tracks to keep you engaged

Variety of tasks 
Tasks with closed (True/False, multiple choice, matching) and open questions (reflection tasks with suggested answers)

Sample answers for IELTS essay questions
The model answers demonstrate how tips and strategies for approaching the question work 

Knowledge bank
To keep the new knowledge organised and to give you the opportunity to return to it when needed, including templates for organising IELTS essays

Final test
To track your progress and a must if you would like to receive a certificate

Useful resources
For further reading and study

Course Outline

Strict Order

This course consists of integral units that should be done in a strict order. Within each unit, the tasks follow a strict order and should be done one by one.

Course outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • be better aware of general requirements for writing IELTS essays 
  • learn how to recognise all types of IELTS essays
  • be better able to understand how to organise ideas in IELTS essays 
  • be better aware of assessment criteria for writing essays 
  • learn how to help students practise with IELTS essays systematically 
  • be better aware of tasks and activities to help students practice IELTS writing skills 
  • be better aware of how to help students manage time under exam conditions
  • be better aware of possible students’ problems with writing IELTS essays and effective solutions to them 

The skills you will learn:

  • organising ideas in IELTS essays
  • helping students practise with IELTS essays
  • creating tasks and activities to help students practice IELTS writing skills
  • managing students' time under exam conditions
  • anticipating and effectively solving students’ problems with writing IELTS essays


Based on the results of the final test you will get:

0–69% — Certificate of Attendance

70–89% — Certificate of Completion

90–100% — Certificate of Completion with Merit

Certificate will appear in your Profile.

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