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Online Tools for English Language Teaching

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About the course

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New to TEFL/TESOL, Experienced

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Your Students

Adults, Teenagers, Young learners

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Required time

6 hours

Teaching online can be challenging as opposed to traditional teaching. 

In this course, we will look at various teaching tools for online learning. We will also explore ways to use them for teaching language systems such as grammar, lexis, pronunciation, and discourse, as well as developing language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Online teaching demands special classroom management. In this course, we will also look at organising and managing learners online, consider various workspaces for teachers and learners, and ways to provide students with self-study. 

After taking this course, you will be better able to use and apply these tools in your online teaching practice.

No matter how long you've been teaching online and which tools you will finally decide to use, this course will help you exploit your teaching strengths and find the approach that is right for you, your students, and your teaching context.

Course Program (in Ukrainian)

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  • Classroom Management
  • Activities
  • Teaching Techniques

Course authors and tutors

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Christopher Reese

Course Author

DELTA Module 1, CELTA, CELT P/S Trainer, The University of Tennessee (BA in Anthropology)

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Andrii Pigariev

Course Tutor

DOS, CELTA, CELT-P/S Course trainer, International speaking examiner, Conference speaker

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Anfisa Kramarenko

Course Editor

CELTA certified teacher of General English, Business English, Exam Preparation, International speaking examiner

What's in the course?

Short lead-in 
To help you reflect on your own teaching contexts 

Variety of inputs
Interesting texts, video lectures and tutorials,  audio tracks to keep you engaged

Interactive practice tasks 
To help you better understand the concepts and immediately implement new knowledge and skills 

Self-reflection tasks
To help you evaluate and improve your teaching

Knowledge bank
To keep the new knowledge organised and to give you the opportunity to return to it when needed

Final test
To track your progress and a must if you would like to receive a certificate

Useful resources
For further reading and study

Course Outline

Random Order

This course consists of separate units that can be done in any order. Within each unit, the tasks follow a strict order and should be done one by one.

Course outcomes

By the end of the course, you will:

  • be better aware of tools for teaching learners online, including for the purposes of teaching language systems and skills, and organizing and managing learners online
  • be better able to use and apply these tools while teaching online

The skills you will learn:

  • using online tools for teaching language systems (grammar, lexis, pronunciation, discourse)
  • using online tools for developing students' language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
  • organizing and managing learners online
  • using workspaces / blackboards for the teachers and students
  • providing students with self-study


Based on the results of the final test you will get:

0–69% — Certificate of Attendance

70–89% — Certificate of Completion

90–100% — Certificate of Completion with Merit

Certificate will appear in your Profile.

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