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Improve Your Teacher Talk

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About the course

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New to TEFL/TESOL, Experienced

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Your Students

Adults, Teenagers

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Required time

8 hours

The nature of classroom interaction requires a teacher to be a conductor of the lesson — someone who guides students with tasks, presents new language, comments on students’ success and facilitates many processes happening in the classroom. Being able to speak so as to be understood is one of the key responsibilities of any teacher, and that’s why what we say and how we speak is so important. We call this ‘teacher talk’, which deals not only with the amount of what we say but also the quality of our talk. 

This course will help you better understand teacher talk and its importance for classroom interaction, what problems with teacher talk teachers might have, what they are caused by, and how to deal with them. In addition, the course will offer a plenty of practical tasks to learn to recognise different problems with teacher talk as well as will help find useful solutions to them from a practical perspective. 

Course Program (in Ukrainian)

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  • Teaching English
  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching Techniques

Course authors and tutors

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Andrii Pigariev

Course Author

DOS, CELTA, CELT-P/S Course trainer, International speaking examiner, Conference speaker

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Anfisa Kramarenko

Course Editor

CELTA certified teacher of General English, Business English, Exam Preparation, International speaking examiner

What's in the course?

Audio and video input 

To make the perception of information easy and engaging

Tasks in different formats

To check comprehension of the input 

Examples of real classroom problems and teacher experiences 

Related to teacher talk issues   

A variety of tasks 

To help raise awareness of teacher talk issues and practice solving them

Detailed comments 

To practice tasks that help understand issues and solutions in more depth

Knowledge bank 

That helps organise key information into a system and revise it when needed 

A final test 

To help wrap up the knowledge received and skills learned on the course in order to obtain a course certificate

Course Outline

Strict Order

This course consists of integral units that should be done in a strict order. Within each unit, the tasks follow a strict order and should be done one by one.

Course outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will have been able to:

  • deepen own understanding of teacher talk is and its importance in the ELT classroom
  • recognise positive uses of teacher talk 
  • better understand issues with teacher talk teachers face in everyday practice
  • recognise the causes of problems with teacher talk and its possible effects on students and learning
  • find a useful solution to issues with teacher talk
  • better understand own difficulties with teacher talk and how to work with them

The skills you will learn:

  • recognising when teacher talk is used effectively and when it should be improved
  • identifying issues with teacher talk in classroom setting
  • solving problems related to the amount and quality of teacher talk
  • understanding where teacher talk issues come from, what effects they might have


Based on the results of the final test you will get:

0–69% — Certificate of Attendance

70–89% — Certificate of Completion

90–100% — Certificate of Completion with Merit

Certificate will appear in your Profile.

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