Teaching Dyslexic Learners Webinar by Grade Education Centre

I May Have Dyslexia, but Dyslexia Doesn’t Have Me

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All children learn and develop at their own pace. It’s common for them to find reading challenging at one point or another. But if learning to read becomes an ongoing struggle, it’s possible that a child has a learning disorder known as dyslexia. Dyslexia affects a child’s ability to recognize and manipulate the sounds in language. In this webinar, we are talking mainly about reading and writing, reading programs which are really effective and popular in Europe and the USA. We are also talking about ADHD which often occurs with dyslexia. For dyslexic students, any test or exam is always a stress. In this webinar, we discuss the special requirements made by Cambridge English for dyslexic students. Do they have any extra time? Can they use the spellcheck? Can someone read the tasks for them? Any extra breaks? We will answer these questions and try to dispel the myth that English exam is impossible for dyslexic students.


  • Teaching YL
  • Teaching teens
  • Teaching grammar
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Teaching reading
  • Teaching writing
  • Inclusive education


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Olena Ukrainska


CELTA certified teacher of General & Business English, author and teacher of the course for children with dyslexia and dysgraphia

Who is this Video for?

  • teachers who work with YL and pre-teens
  • teachers who work with children with dyslexia
  • eachers who would like to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every learner
  • teachers who would like to build inclusive learning environment in their classroom

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