Teaching Grammar to Teenagers Webinar by Grade University

Grade Teacher Talks 2021: Getting teenagers to love grammar

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There must be only one word that makes the teenagers roll their eyes, start getting stressed and immediately begin to panic – and that’s grammar! However, it doesn’t have to be like this, and many students may even start to enjoy studying grammar if we go about it the right way. In the practical workshop, 'Getting teenagers to love grammar', Chris will is sharing 6 of his favourite, low-preparation grammar lessons to use with teenagers and unpacking: 
- how – and why – they work 
- how to provide the right kind of practice 
- how you can take them into the classroom on Monday 

Key Takeaways: 
- necessary elements of an engaging grammar lesson 
- how to provide interesting, challenging practice 
- how to keep learners motivated throughout the lesson 


  • Teaching teens
  • Teaching grammar
  • Online teaching


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Christopher Reese


DELTA Module 1, CELTA, CELT P/S Trainer, The University of Tennessee (BA in Anthropology)

Who is this Video for?

  • teachers who work with teens
  • teachers who would like to gain practical tips on teaching grammar
  • teachers who would like to broaden their repertory of low-preparation activities

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