Giving feedback: why, when, how • webinar by Grade University

Giving feedback: why, when, how

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For many students, feedback is the most valuable part of learning, considered an integral part of effective teaching. Equally, gathering feedback on how well students have learned a topic is essential in enabling teachers to address any misunderstanding and provide the proper challenge in future lessons.  Thus, it’s clear that feedback is much more than simple error correction and praise for some excellent language. 

This webinar will provide practical recommendations on organizing proper feedback in your online lessons so that you and your students can benefit from it.


  • Teaching teens
  • Teaching adults
  • Online teaching


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Olesia Turchak


CELTA, TESOL, IH CYLT certified teacher of General & Business English, Young Learners & Teenagers

Who is this Video for?

  • teachers who work with teens and adults
  • teachers who work online

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