Storytelling in YL Classroom Webinar by Grade University

Teaching YL: How to Use Stories in the Classroom

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Stories play a major role in early childhood education and are a key element in any good English programme for young children. They have become a key resource for providing a natural, engaging context for learning a language. When we read to children, we are encouraging their imagination, exploring other cultures and teaching them about the world. Listening to and participating in stories also develops a range of linguistic, psychological, cognitive, social and cultural skills. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to make storytelling with your English language learners a regular part of your routine. Join our free webinar to learn practical tips for choosing, delivering and using stories for memorable and meaningful language learning.


  • Teaching YL


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Yana Gridasova


CELTA, TYLEC certified teacher of General English, Young Learners & Teenagers

Who is this Video for?

  • teachers who work with individual YL
  • teachers who work with groups of YL
  • teachers who would like to learn how to choose, deliver and use stories to make their lessons more memorable and meaningful for YL

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