An Ideal Learner Webinar by Grade University

Grade Teacher Talks 2021: An Ideal Learner — Does It Really Exist?

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Honestly, we, teachers, do sometimes wish we had a magic wand that would turn our students into a mix of ideal learning habits, perfectly suitable to our teaching style and context, right? Ah, dreams…
 What we can do though, is help our students become aware of the ways their brains work, the learning strategies and the techniques to get themselves on a path to independent learning. And, more importantly, the mindset — helping students become more confident and open to new things in their learning is crucial. You might be thinking — okay, and how exactly is that related to teaching English? The answer is: very directly. In the first session, 'An ideal learner — does it really exist?' , we will discover the connection between those factors and talk about building rapport, and we hope you’ll be thrilled to find out that often times this makes almost half of the language learning process successful. 


  • Teaching teens
  • Teaching adults
  • Online teaching


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Anna Kovalchuk


DELTA Module 2, CELTA certified teacher of General & Business English

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  • teachers who work with individual students
  • teachers who work with groups of students
  • teachers who would like to have a better understanding of a language learner

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