Teaching Students to Communicate Effectively Webinar by Grade University

It's more than just about the language

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Have you ever noticed that when you’re speaking with some people it’s all going very smoothly, you have a lot to discuss, and you’re truly enjoying it, while with some other people you have to work hard to find the right words in order to be heard? The truth is, it’s more than just about the language. There is a set of principles which, if we follow them, make communication smooth. In this webinar you will: 
– find out what communication consists of and how to develop those things 
– get acquainted with Grice’s maxims and find out how to implement them in communication 
– experience several activities they can use with their learners in order to teach them to communicate effectively
Watch the webinar to find out more and make your communication more enjoyable!"


  • Teaching teens
  • Teaching adults
  • Teaching grammar
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Online teaching


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Kateryna Protsenko


CELTA, DELTA, CELT-P/S Trainer, Cambridge Englis International Speaking Examiner, YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC

Who is this Video for?

  • teachers who work with teens and adults
  • teachers who would like to have a better understanmding of the link between utterances and what is understood from them
  • teachers who would like to learn and practise effective communication techniques

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