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Teacher Talk – Turning Quantity into Quality

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How much is “enough” and how much is “too much”? This is probably one of the first questions that appears in our mind when we hear that someone’s TTT (Teacher Talking Time) or ours is high or excessive. Be it a regular observation routine at work or a teacher training course, such as CELTA, this wording does not provide enough input to understand what it is (and what it is not) and more importantly, how to act on it. Traditionally, TTT is viewed as something negative that affects the so much desired learning in the lesson, but there is more to it than just the quantity of teacher talk and saying less. 
During the webinar, we will: 
– look at what is TTT and how to recognise it;
– identify and explore causes and pitfalls of excessive TTT; 
– learn what helps turn TTT to QTT (quality teacher talk) thus shifting the focus from quantity to quality. 


  • Teaching teens
  • Teaching adults
  • Approaches to teaching
  • Online teaching


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Andrii Pigariev


DOS, CELTA, CELT-P/S Course trainer, International speaking examiner, Conference speaker

Who is this Video for?

  • teachers wishing to deepen their understanding of the topic as well as those seeking to join teacher training qualifications such as CELTA, CELT-P and CELT-S

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