Teaching Reading and Writing in English to YL Webinar by Grade University

Teaching Reading and Writing to Young Learners

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Reading and writing are complex activities. Both involve multiple skills and processes. However, students benefit when they are taught how to read and write. As teachers, we need to remember, that writing affects a person’s ability to read. Approach reading with the intention of having fun in the learning process and your intention will be mirrored by your learners. Key takeaways from the webinar: 
- activities you can use to integrate more reading and writing in your classes from very beginning levels 
- why this is important even if you have a listening and speaking focus in your classroom 
- how to do this while still having fun and remembering the basic characteristics of young learners.


  • Teaching YL
  • Teaching reading
  • Teaching writing


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Yana Gridasova


CELTA, TYLEC certified teacher of General English, Young Learners & Teenagers

Who is this Video for?

  • teachers who work with YL
  • teachers who would like to broaden their repertory of methods that be used to develop reading and writing skills in YL
  • teachers who want to broaden their repertory of activities to integrate reading and writing in their classes

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