International Language Exams for Teachers Webinar by Grade University

So You're Thinking about Exams?

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When I speak to my students – or even other teachers! – about exams, one of the most common questions I get is simple: Why do I need it? Isn’t it enough just to study English and improve my level? In this webinar, we’re going to have a look at the research exploring the benefits of studying and preparing for exams, as well as some of the ways that teachers themselves may benefit from the process. Key Takeaways: 
⁃ How to know if you will benefit from an international exam 
⁃ How the exams can help you learn English better 
⁃ How exams can help teachers develop professionally


  • Teaching adults
  • Teaching for exams
  • Assessment


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Christopher Reese


DELTA Module 1, CELTA, CELT P/S Trainer, The University of Tennessee (BA in Anthropology)

Who is this Video for?

  • those who would like to build their career in ELT
  • teachers who are keen on CPD
  • teachers who see exam preparation as one of the possible ways to make a profit

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