A Good Language Test Webinar by Grade University

What is a Good Language Test

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How many times have you found yourself either looking for or making a test of your own and wondering whether the questions you’ve made will really measure or check what you expect? How many times have you taken the test yourself and wondered whether the test questions were objective enough? We believe that the ability to compile valid, reliable and objective test questions is one of the teachers’ superpowers. At the webinar we’re going to explore this superpower and see what makes a good language test, what factors impact students’ performance and how we as teachers can make testing more student-oriented.


  • Teaching teens
  • Teaching adults
  • Teaching for exams
  • Assessment


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Anna Kovalchuk


DELTA Module 2, CELTA certified teacher of General & Business English

Who is this Video for?

  • teachers who want to learn more about assessment for learning (AFL)
  • teachers who have to create assessment tasks for their students
  • teachers who want to broaden their repertory of assessment strategies and techniques

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