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It’s only been a month, but everyone seems to be teaching online as if this has always been part of the job. With time our students and us have more or less got accustomed to studying online, using Zoom (and some of our students now know a bit too much about that! :)) and now teachers are on a constant lookout for new online tools, raising questions on learner engagement online, trying out new features and programs. At the webinar, we will share our experience of using all Zoom features to prepare our learners for exams. During the webinar, you will have a chance to take part in a demo lesson, explore the variety of options of working with Zoom and other online tools for learning, and look at exam strategies that help learners become more confident in their exams. Key takeaways: 1) A set of online tools to use for exam prep online; 2) Useful features of Zoom for teaching groups of students; 3) Exam strategies and tips.


  • Approaches to teaching
  • Teaching for exams
  • Assessment
  • Online teaching


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Anna Kovalchuk


DELTA Module 2, CELTA certified teacher of General & Business English

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  • Teachers in public schools
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