What apps ESL teachers can use to create flashcards

Best tools and apps for creating flashcards for your lessons

Best tools and apps for creating flashcards for your lessons


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We all loooove flashcards. The cases in which we can use them are countless, and the advantages are undeniable. 

However, when it comes to transferring physical copies of one’s favorite flashcards online, a lot of ESL teachers don’t know where to start or  which online platforms to use. 

In this article, Grade University professionals have accumulated their online teaching experience and collected top online platforms where you can create your unique and outstanding flashcards.

Have fun with flashcards

Play and teach with flashcards


This app has already become classic.

If you have ever wondered which app to use, Quizlet is likely to be the first recommendation you get from fellow teachers.

Even though the features of Quizlet might be not that diverse in comparison with the next apps we are going to discuss, it is perfect for the tasks that require online flashcards.

Even without a pro version, you have a list of suggested images you can use. Plus, Quizlet has a very effective system of repetitions that enhances the speed of learning new information.

Practise grammar and vocabulary with flashcards!


Anki is considered to be one of the best applications for creating flashcards and recently it has been gaining more and more popularity.

Anki allows you to use text, images, videos, and sounds in the process of making flashcards. Also, once you have finished  making your set, it offers you a very effective learning strategy that is based on the spaced repetition technique.

One of Anki’s coolest features is evaluating the difficulty of recalling information from a certain card.

When Anki shows you the card again, it will do so based on this difficulty rating. Depending on the difficulty level, it may show you this same card in a minute, day, week, or even month.

The whole thing here is that Anki is meant to show you the card around the time you are about to forget the information on it.

This is how you can avoid wasting time revisiting material you already know and devote the majority of your study time to the ideas that you find challenging. 

This principle is useful if you are in the middle of long-term preparation for your exam but it also works well with short-term assignments.


Brainscape doesn’t seem very sophisticated and rich in various features at  first sight. However, in a way, it is pretty unique and for sure is effective in managing your students’ learning progress.

Users have the  opportunity to create separate classes in their app and after create their sets of flashcards according to the specific topics. It is especially useful if your students use flashcards outside their ESL class as well or simply don’t want to mix vocabulary and grammar.

Moreover, Brainscape constantly evaluates your “mastery” and doesn’t stop showing the card till you reach perfection, which is a very useful and rather outstanding feature.

Still, to get access to a wider variety of features, like adding sounds and pictures, a user is supposed to buy a pro version of the app.

Best games for recycling vocabulary!


Last but not least, one more flashcard app with a set of unique features called Cram.

Despite having a less complex approach to showing/not showing a  card based on your performance, it is still great to fulfill the basic needs of a person who is eager to use flashcards for studying or revision.

What is unique about this app is that you can go far beyond the  usual flashcard mode and do some other tasks with your material like matching, deciding whether the option is true or false, etc.

There are even games available for people who seek the maximum level of interaction with the material and gamification.

As you can see, there are so many amazing options to choose from! However, if you still feel anxious about taking a leap into online teaching, make sure to join our online courses where Grade University professionals share outstanding and useful recommendations.

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