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English Cartoons you can watch with YL

English Cartoons you can watch with YL


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Cartoons are an integral part of teaching English to kids. They improve listening, enrich vocabulary, and help young learners get used to dealing with authentic materials. Moreover, they are so fun to watch! 

However, there are important things an ESL teacher has to consider while picking up the right cartoon and what are options to start with.

In this article, we are going to look at the cartoons you may watch with young learners who only start their ESL journey.

Teach listening with confidence

Make your students better listeners

Martha Speaks

Martha Speaks is a fascinating story of a dog that ate an “alphabet soup” and is now ready to discover the language in all its aspects and peculiarities.

In every episode of this cartoon, some specific words are presented and learnt within the context.

All of the stories are very heartwarming, thoughtful, and engaging. What is more, the charming-speaking dog becomes the kids’ favorite and they happily learn new words with this cartoon

Here you can see an example of what a typical episode of this cartoon looks like.


Muzzy can definitely be called an all-time favorite cartoon.

Created in the 80s, it helped more than one generation of kids to start their English, German and Spanish journeys as this cartoon was adapted to learning multiple languages.

It is a fun and engaging story that is designed to teach young watchers the most basic English phrases.

It is true that the cartoon might be too easy at some point and if your students have some background in watching English cartoons, this one might seem a bit old. However, it doesn’t make it less nice.

Here, you can look at Muzzy's episodes.

What about movies?


An ordinary fifth-grader named Becky Botsford becomes WordGirl when duty calls. When there's trouble in The City, WordGirl rushes to solve it straight away. She fights even the most dangerous criminals with the help of her superpower, the power of new words.

WordGirl is a great and empowering cartoon that will help to easily master loads of new words.

Here is an example of a typical episode of this inspiring animated series.

Curious George

Curious George is a cartoon that your young learners are going to love.

The story of a little monkey who is extremely interested in everything around him tells children that curiosity is wonderful since it may lead to learning a great deal of new information.

Yes, by being curious, you might get into trouble, but at the same time, you will also want to find out why.

What is more, this cartoon is often indeed hilarious and very entertaining. Plus, it works perfectly well for new vocabulary presentations or working with some basic grammar structures.

Here is one of the episodes of this outstanding cartoon:


Arthur is known by many as one of the best-animated series.

While in other cartoons characters were dealing with certain issues in a very “childish” manner, critics say, it was never Arthur’s case.

The characters in Arthur stumbled upon actual dilemmas, some of which were truly complex and mature.

Cultural division, parent divorce, family finances, religious divisions, unfairness, bullying, and a variety of other real-world issues were among the many subjects Arthur skillfully touched on.

Therefore, any ESL teacher can use this cartoon not only to teach English and present some very good words and phrases but also to cover some important topics that didn’t get any less actual throughout the time.

And this is what Arthur looks like:

Grade University professionals were happy to share some of our ideas on English cartoons for kids. What about you? Do you like implementing cartoons into your ESL lesson? 

Which cartoon has been adapted to several languages?

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