Books an ESL teacher should use to prepare for TKT exam

Books for TKT Preparation

Books for TKT Preparation


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If you are intrigued enough with the title of this article to open it, then you are likely to start your preparation for TKT

We have prepared a comprehensive guide on what topics you are supposed to know, what skills you need to obtain and what books would be helpful to practice. So, let’s start our preparation journey.

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What is TKT?

TKT is a series  of modular exams.

You can take each module separately and choose how and when to take the tests. You may take the exams  in any order and in any combination you like, allowing you to personalize the qualification to your specific needs.

TKT is becoming more and more popular due to its flexibility, affordability and possibility to prepare on your own. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t join special courses and enhance your preparation process. 

All the teachers who decide to pass TKT are expected to be independent language users.

What are the modules?

There are core modules and special modules within TKT. 

As for the core modules, they are the following:

  • Module 1 – Background to language learning and teaching. This module assesses a candidate’s understanding of terminology and topics often used in teaching English. It also focuses on the basics of teaching and checks whether the teacher knows how various choices may influence the effectiveness of the learning process and facilitate  it. 
  • Module 2 – Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching. This module  focuses on the organization of the classes and teacher’s role in it. It also evaluates the linguistic and methodological resources a professional may refer to in need of help to organize lessons.
  • Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process. This module is meant to assess the teacher’s knowledge of the methods and approaches that can be applied in the classroom as well as the results which can be gained after. 

What is CLIL?

In addition, there are such specialist modules as:

  • TKT: CLIL (Content and language-integrated learning). This module assesses understanding of the goals and reasoning for a CLIL strategy. It includes CLIL planning, teaching, and evaluation. It also focuses on teacher’s understanding of learning expectations and learner support tactics in CLIL programs.
  • TKT: YL (Young Learners). This module is perfect for anybody who is interested in educating young learners, and therefore, discovering all the appropriate teaching strategies and techniques.

How is TKT assessed?

All TKT courses are paper-based and contain 80 questions per module. Each module lasts 80 minutes, and each correct answer brings one point

How to prepare for TKT?

There are two most popular routes the TKT test takers choose.

One is to rely on more experienced colleagues who can lead them through all the peculiarities and challenges of TKT.

Still, some professionals decide to give individual preparation a try. Sure, this road is much more complicated, as you are the only person responsible for motivation and organization of the learning process.

In this case, books are especially useful as they give you both theoretical and practical recommendations. 

Below, you will find the list of books we consider super useful for any TKT taker.

Hack CELTA language analysis

Language Analysis made easy

About Language: Tasks for Teachers of English by Scott Thornbury

This book is ideal for individuals who study themselves. It contains 31 sections with loads of new information on grammar, idiomatic vocabulary, and much more.

Frankly speaking, the book would be useful for both TKT takers and those preparing for more complicated exams. 

“About Language” pays enough attention to the theory but also allows the reader to apply it in practice.

Classroom Management Techniques by Jim Scrivener

There is no teacher on the Earth who has never faced any problems with classroom management.

Therefore, this book is highly recommended for any professional teacher who would like to expand their knowledge in classroom management, problem solving and lesson organization.

Of course, if you are a TKT taker answering all these questions is a must, especially when it comes to Module 3. 

So, make sure you look through the problems and steps to the solution presented in the book. Who knows, maybe you will come across some tips and tricks you have never thought about before.

Time management tips

Essential Teacher Knowledge Jeremy Harmer

This book may prove wrong to anybody who thinks that professional literature is always too complicated.

“Essential Teacher Knowledge” is a pretty simple and comprehensive guide into the world of language teaching peculiarities. 

This book provides the reader with  much more than just theoretical knowledge. There is a huge amount of examples on how to use various teaching methods and answers to potential questions from the reader. 

Plus, if you are preparing for any of the specialist TKT modules, you should definitely pay attention to this book, as it provides insightful recommendations and great activities examples.

Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener

This book would be great for anyone who has decided to start their preparation early and wants to cover as many topics as one can.

First of all, the book provides the reader with a great review of various teaching methods that a professional has to know in order to pass Module 3.

Also, there is a division into skills, which gives a reader an opportunity to examine teaching of each and every skill more accurately.

Finally, you will revise (or even discover) a great variety of activities you can implement into the lesson and make your answers in Module 2 more outstanding.

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The TKT Course CLIL Module Kay Bentley

The title of the book is pretty self-explanatory in this case. 

Kay Bentlry focuses solely on the specialist TKT CLIL module.

But it doesn’t mean that a range of great recommendations can’t be useful for any professional’s everyday work. Moreover, if you have been wondering what CLIL is, this book can become a perfect guide to the topic.

The TKT Course Modules 1,2,3 by Alan Pulverness, Mary Spratt and Melanie Williams)

This is probably one of the most beloved books for TKT preparation.

In addition to some theoretical and practical information given in the book, the readers of the latest editions will be able to enjoy an interactive platform with additional tasks and cool features.

With the great coverage of the main topics and issues and a glossary of  the most important terms, this book will become a successful first step in preparation for the core modules.

Cambridge English Qualifications Official Website

Finally, if you are looking for more theoretical and practical materials for self-study, you may always visit the official site of Cambridge English Qualifications which has a great variety of useful information and free preparation materials, and test samples.

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