8 useful blogs for English teachers for inspiration and motivation

ELT professionals to follow for inspiration

ELT professionals to follow for inspiration


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Social networks have long ceased to be just a place for storing vacation photos and sharing likes. 

Some people want to see useful materials and learn something new on Instagram and Facebook; others are ready to share their own experience and unique knowledge. When such a match takes place, two sides end up winning.

We have collected blogs run by charismatic and extraordinary English teachers from different parts of the world. We are sure that subscribing to them will inspire and motivate you as well as expand your perception of the teaching profession.

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Accent’s Way English with Hadar

Hadar Shemesh has been running her YouTube channel for over 13 years. She follows modern trends and implements them in her lessons. 

For example, recently, an educational video for one of the most popular series on Netflix, “Wednesday,” appeared on her channel.

In addition to recorded videos, Hadar often hosts live broadcasts to discuss a certain topic or to talk with colleagues. She radiates confidence, and such examples are often lacking in real life.

English with Nab

Nab is an American English instructor with over 12 years of experience. He has visited more than 50 countries, successfully sharing his knowledge with many students. 

Nab currently lives in Spain and is active in professional blogging on social media and YouTube.

I believe in instilling a passion for lifetime learning into my students. One way I instill this passion is by being a model lifetime learner for my students. 

I believe that every person can reach their learning potential, with high expectations, the necessary support, and opportunities. And I teach from the heart, not from the book.


Nab is an incredibly charismatic teacher and has his own special feature — hats. In every video, he appears wearing a headdress, only changing its colour, but obviously, this is what people remember him by.

It can be useful to follow a colleague wearing a hat because he has an extremely original approach to explaining various topics, uses objects at hand, and is not afraid to look funny in front of his million Instagram audience.

Annemarie Fowler

Annemarie has over 20 years of experience in teaching English. She has worked as an English teacher and trainer in Pakistan, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, and throughout the United States.

In 2014, Annemarie founded her company, Speak Confident English, which helps women from all over the world learn to speak English fluently. She wants women to overcome the language barrier, achieve success, advance in their careers, and feel comfortable in English-speaking countries in case they move.

It’s my mission to solve those problems and help women achieve confidence and fluency for work and daily life in English.

Annemarie Fowler

On her Instagram page, Annemarie shares professional information and publishes inspiring posts. At the same time, on her website, it is very convenient to search for relevant material since everything is divided by topics.

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Pawel Grabias

An English teacher Pawel Grabias from Poland has considerable acting talent and successfully uses it in teaching. With his energetic videos, he not only conveys new knowledge to people but also, no doubt, lifts their spirits and charges them with his positivity.

Pawel has been running his YouTube channel, “RockYourEnglish,” for almost six years and currently has more than 440,000 subscribers

In his original manner, he explains various rules and grammar of English and receives very favourable comments on his videos.

If you are thinking about starting your own expert vlog on YouTube, be sure to check out your Polish colleague’s channel for inspiration.

English with Issy

Issy is a young teacher who focuses her activities on helping students pass international exams. She has a very “live” and sincere profile on Instagram, where useful posts are published regularly.

In her stories, the girl also shares details of her personal life; she talks about broken glasses or her everyday routine. All this causes great trust and a desire to constantly monitor Issy.

We think that many English teachers will be able to learn something for themselves from the cozy blog of their colleague.

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Speak English With Vanessa

With 4.75 million subscribers to the Speak English With Vanessa YouTube channel, she knows how to engage and educate an audience. 

Vanessa has been teaching English for more than 10 years to students from all over the world because she is sure that the language opens up great perspectives for people.

Every Friday, the teacher publishes a new lesson, which is very convenient because her subscribers know the release date of fresh lessons.

Always smiling, Vanessa is able, without exaggeration, to charge students with a love of the English language and motivate her colleagues to develop their own professional skills.

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Learn English with Harry

Harry moved to teaching English after 30 years of working in a different context. Such significant changes and rethinking of oneself cannot fail to cause admiration and respect. 

So Harry has been successfully teaching English to students around the world for over 10 years while simultaneously expanding his own horizons.

At first, he only had a blog; then a YouTube channel appeared, which he fills with lessons for students of intermediate and advanced levels of English. 

Over time, he created an entire English language course and the Speak Better English with Harry podcast. In addition, Harry manages to keep a blog on Instagram, where a lot of educational content is collected.

This is just an incredible example of how a person can grow in their profession, so Harry’s blogs are a must-follow for those English teachers who want to become successful.

So these are almost all the recommendations of interesting blogs by teachers and experts in English for today, which you can follow on social networks and beyond. 

However, we have another piece of advice for teachers who want to reach new heights in their profession.


The mmmEnglish YouTube channel, which has over 5 million subscribers, is hosted by the positive and energetic Emma. The teacher considers it her mission to help people develop the confidence needed to speak English easily.

On her channel, hundreds of useful lessons are collected, thanks to which students can:

  • increase their vocabulary, 
  • improve pronunciation, 
  • learn grammar,
  • practise functional language skills.

Screensavers on the video immediately give an understanding of what the information will be about, which is very convenient.

However, this is not surprising: the mmmEnglish channel is already more than 7 years old, so Emma knows how to skillfully convey information and inspire.

Also, visit our Video Library and blog at Grade University to learn from the best professionals. 

You will be able to improve your qualifications, learn about new trends in the field of teaching, and expand your circle of communication with motivated and like-minded people.

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