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ESL teachers are supposed to present new information almost every day. And this is a crucial skill that defines how quickly and successfully students grasp the concepts and turn them into the ability of proper application. 

Therefore, every ESL teacher has to be aware of the best online presentation tools and softwares that might ease this complex task. In this article, we are going to focus on the list of the best online tools to present language.

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Why presentations matter, aka Pros of a good presentation

We tend to underestimate the power of a good presentation sometimes. That is why, before moving on to the list of tools, here is a short overview of the advantages that using great presentation tools and softwares give:

  • Presentations guarantee a better level of engagement
  • They give more possibilities to interact with material
  • Presentations increase retention
  • It is possible to reuse your digital materials with different groups
  • Presentations are an integral part of effective online teaching
  • Using digital aids facilitates the needs of people who need visual aids for effective learning

Now, we are going to go beyond good old PowerPoint, Google Slides and Canva.

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Genially allows you to build slides, infographics, and other interactive projects. It primarily focuses on presentations with interactive content.

The platform offers choices for lengthy, excellent animations. Despite being simple to use, the platform offers a lot of tips for a more smooth experience. Moreover, you can even turn your presentation into a video.


Prezi empowers users to create imaginative, creative presentations that are both functional and amusing.

With Prezi templates, a user may be imaginative, thorough, and present themselves in the best possible light.

Additionally, Prezi can be integrated with popular video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet, enabling you to present your Prezis in real time.

Prezi software for presenting ESL material


Pitch reinvents presenting by combining teamwork, creativity, and efficiency. It's a platform that enables teams to create visually appealing and impactful presentations

Pitch's AI-driven tools and dynamic features have made it an obvious choice for both people and enterprises.

Pitch has many ideas on how to create visual materials that will suit your lesson topic and purpose as well as gives you enough space to come up with some brand new ideas providing you with its rich library of templates.

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Sutori is a tool designed specifically to assist users in creating a coherent visual narrative and creating timelines and roadmaps. Because of its simplicity and efficiency, learners of various ages may easily refer to it.

Sutori is user-friendly for both online and offline instruction, and you may even incorporate media into your timelines.

Sutori is ideal for social studies, history, and other linear, time-based courses because of its chronological focus. It's an excellent tool for developing research skills, critical thinking (using primary and secondary sources), and multimedia cooperation.

Sutori software for presenting ESL material


Infographics are an excellent visual aid and storytelling instrument.

Still, creating infographics from scratch has been a very complicated task and requires a lot of additional expertise.

However, with the help of Easelly, anyone can create high-quality infographics in a variety of formats.

With the help of the many templates provided by Easelly, the material can be quickly transformed from boring text and numbers into eye-catching infographics.

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With the use of animation and visual storytelling, Powtoon is a cutting-edge platform that produces powerful presentations.

Powtoon, which has become popular in a variety of industries including marketing, education, training, and internal communications, is notable for its capacity to simplify difficult concepts into fascinating visual narratives.

Powtoon gives you an opportunity to select from a variety of template collections to create presentations quickly and efficiently. 

Moreover, you can personalize presentations with unique animations, music, and video.

Does a good presentation increase retention?

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